Zero to 60 Meets Volkswagen of Cary’s Humble Mechanic

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Episode 7(a) 

No one eats, sleeps, and dreams about cars like the Charles the “Humble Mechanic.” As if being a Volkswagen Master Technician wasn’t enough, Charles has dedicated hours of his time and energy into creating videos and writing blogs that help other people sort out their car problems. For the Humble Mechanic, though, this is time very well spent: “It’s so gratifying when I get that email back saying: ‘Hey man, your advice really helped out and I really appreciate it’, that’s about the coolest feeling you can get.”

Episode 7 (b)

Charles was also recently invited to go work with the VW Rallycross race team. As a master tech, he was picked by Volkswagen to go and work on race cars at the track. He has been selected two years in a row, and this year he was part of Scott Speed’s winning team.

Volkswagen of Cary is proud to have Charles on their team, and excited for his future. If you’d like to hear more from the Humble Mechanic, we encourage you to check out his YouTube page.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of Zero to 60!

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