XL Sport Concept Debuted at Paris Motor Show

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Today, prior to the official start of the 2014 Paris Motor Show, Volkswagen debuted its latest engineering venture: the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept.


At its front end, a pair of narrow, almost scowling, headlamps set the tone for this very aggressive looking concept car. These and a portion of the grille are cradled by angled running daylights that lend a very futuristic look. Extra air vents on the upper portion of the hood perfectly ornament the front end, which, holistically, appears to mirror the natural shape of a cobra’s head.

VW XL Sport Concept 2

Very sharp character and belt lines, looking like muscle striations, line the sides of the XL Sport Concept; these lines highlight the side body panels that sink in around the door and bulge at the rear wheel well – reminiscent of its cousin, the Audi R8. A set of prominent running boards complete the rather hardy appearance.

What may be the most striking feature of the Volkswagen XL Sport Concept is the curved, aerodynamic roofline. The automaker doesn’t sacrifice cabin space for comfort; instead, their engineers employed a very meticulous art in marrying function and looks – creating a sharp angle of the A-bars nearest the windshield, then followed up with a gently curving slope.

Under the hood, Volkswagen installed a unique engine – a 197 horsepower V-twin from a Ducati 99 Superleggera, a sport bike motor with an 11,000 rpm redline.

About the Paris Motor Show

Albert de Dion pioneered this major international automotive event. He held the inaugural show in 1898 and began hosting the show at the Grand Palais. Though the outbreak of two world wars disrupted the “salon” during multiple years, its popularity afforded it an easy rebound to much acclaim. Despite other cancellations due to economic conditions, we get to relish the sights and sounds of the Paris Motor Show today.

The Paris Motor Show, known as the Mondial de l’Automobile, has become one of the few vital shows in the automotive schedule. It is a biennial event – meaning it takes place every other year – and will officially run from 4 October through 10 October. It is here that many global debuts for production and concept vehicles will take place. Though compact in size, the Paris Motor Show manages to maximize space and time, as well as thrill attendees.

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