We Make Deals Happen

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Every car dealership touts their staff’s ability to provide excellent customer service. The unfortunate reality is that most bragging lacks substance to lend credibility, and others primarily rely on advertising and specials to draw in consumers. That’s just not our style at Leith Volkswagen Cary. We take the extra effort.

We make car deals happen.

When browsing for a vehicle, it is important to locate a reputable dealership with a solid history of accolades and positive feedback. The Internet provides ample resources to develop an informative portfolio of dealerships and salespeople. One of those tools is DealerRater.com, where you can find dozens of positive reviews for Leith Volkswagen Cary.

Just one month ago, we enjoyed assisting a customer with his purchase of a new Volkswagen, and his full review of our service can be found here.

“We had a great buying experience at Leith VW,” he says, “from our initial introduction straight through to driving the car off the lot.” Our management does not accept any effort less than “great,” and we are proud to applaud Mike Campbell, our helpful representative involved in this experience, for living up to the expectations maintained at Leith Volkswagen Cary.

The cheers continued as he went on to describe his interactions as “more of an active dialogue than a sales pitch.” We believe that you are more than a customer, and you deserve more than a one-sided conversation. When you buy from us, you become a part of our culture and team – where your continued trust in us is tantamount to success. No consumer ever drove off of a lot completely satisfied after being told what to buy. You tell us what you want, and we guide you toward what best suits you.

“… once we defined what our parameters were to close a deal, [they] made it happen even though there were potential complications.” We never see complications; we see learning opportunities. These circumstances provide us the ability to learn new ways to fulfill customer desires.

At Leith Volkswagen Cary, we would like to leave you with a final thought. Instead of developing our own pitch, we’ll let the customer do it for us.

“And what I was reminded of during the process,” he concludes, “is that there’s only so much information to be had from researching a car online; ultimately there’s no reasonable replacement for working with a well-run dealership in person.”

As always, at Leith Cars we encourage you to …

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