Volkswagen’s Startling Texting While Driving Ad

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The progression of smart phone technology has afforded us the ability to conduct nearly all of our personal and professional lives in one simple device; however, the simplicity to open applications and near ubiquitous access to cellular networks does come at a cost. Aside from a societal concern that we have supplanted interpersonal communication with text messaging and e-mails, smart phones also endanger others when used at inappropriate times.

Texting while driving has surpassed all other dangerous driving habits in terms of causing injuries and deaths. State legislatures reacted by passing bills into laws that prohibit utilizing a mobile phone while behind the wheel. Celebrities, nonprofit organizations, and car companies have all participated in advertising campaigns that highlight the dangers of this activity. In some cases, television and radio commercials can be easily ignored – simply change the station or fast-forward the DVR recording. One automaker thought of a very unique and effective way to keep a viewer’s attention.


Volkswagen created an advertisement that it played at a movie theater in Hong Kong. The automaker executed the ad brilliantly, playing it when the audience was settled (supposedly with cell phones on silent) and ready to watch previews of upcoming films.

The scene: a car starts and begins traveling quickly down a road. Its engine revs and the driver’s hands manipulate the controls on the dashboard. Suddenly, everyone in the theater receives a text message, which also reveals an astounding number of patrons who did not turn off their ringers. While completely distracted by the text for just a few seconds, nearly everyone misses the car swerve and hit a tree. The resounding crunch of the vehicle’s crash startles the audience – and they’re back to staring at the screen.

A message warns them of the dangers that texting while driving poses.

The truth is that the only people who need to immediately read every text and every e-mail are in the back of limousines, where they don’t have to worry about endangering others.

We at Leith Volkswagen in Cary ask you to join us in promising to not text and drive.

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