Invoking Jimmy Stewart: Everytime a Volkswagen Hits 100,000 an Engineer Gets His Wings

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Volkswagen of America utilized the Internet to release its minute-long Super Bowl XLVIII spot on Tuesday, following its satirical “Algorithm” commercial that featured a horde of animals, people, and creatures. The newest advertisement begins with a father telling his daughter – just after his car reaches this milestone– that Volkswagen engineers receive their wings every time one of the German automaker’s vehicles reaches 100,000 miles

Hence the title “Wings” for the advertisement – a sort of televised homage to Jimmy Stewart and his iconic lines in It’s a Wonderful Life.

The scene transitions to a Volkswagen plant where engineers, clipboards in hand, inspect a new model. Suddenly, much to their surprise (and their manager’s chagrin), these engineers begin sprouting wings. With a few laugh-inducing innuendos, the commercial is engaging and funny while avoiding salaciousness.

This advertisement is quite relevant since Volkswagen claims to have the most 100,000-mile vehicles on the road.

Vinay Shahani, Volkswagen’s Vice President of Marketing, said that the company is “thrilled with this year’s creative, which highlights the enthusiasm around our brand and our vehicles’ German engineering in a humorous spot that embodies the Volkswagen spirit.”

We at Leith Volkswagen of Cary invite you down to let our great brand ambassadors be your wingman (get it!? … Sorry, we couldn’t resist) in finding the perfect car to suit your wants and needs.

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