Volkswagen e-Golf Preparing for Launch!

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Al Gore produced An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. Well, it just so happens that the Volkswagen Automotive Group has always made a concerted effort to make its manufacturing and emissions standards a very convenient truth. With growing consternation about the environment, as well as more stringent laws regarding emissions, the automotive industry controls great influence for change. At the forefront of that change is Volkswagen, which made recent investments that lend far more credibility to the claim.

The German automaker recently announced plans to become an even “greener” company by reducing carbon emissions while producing, distributing, and driving its electric vehicles. One of its most recent ventures in green automobiles is the e-Golf, an all-electric version of its very popular Golf model.


Electric vehicles, however, do give off some emissions if the electric power is generated by oil or gas. Volkswagen has developed technologies and processes that promise a significant reduction in emissions – particularly during the first 36,000 miles.

“Volkswagen feels it is important to look beyond the benefits of driving a vehicle tailpipe emissions and to take a holistic approach to e-mobility,” explained Oliver Schmidt, Volkswagen’s General Manager.

This effort has not been undertaken alone, for Volkswagen has partnered with SunPower. Collaboration between these two companies will help ensure e-Golfs have a reliable and efficient solar system. This power source platform can also help save household costs, such as electricity charges. Other brands that belong to the Volkswagen Automotive Group parent company are also making efforts to reduce carbon emissions, such as with the A3. This demonstrates the company’s commitment across the board – an effective holistic approach.

Consumers can expect the e-Golf to launch by the end of this year; however, not all U.S. states are part of the planned distribution.

Should you need more information about the availability of the e-Golf for the Raleigh area, you can call or stop down at Leith Volkswagen at 2300 Autopark Boulevard in Cary, North Carolina.

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