New Prototype Tire from Nokian

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Photo: Car and Driver

Volkswagen has an established history of innovation and progressive thinking. The company has been at the forefront of partnerships to improve current automotive trends and technologies, as well as redesigning models for a greater aesthetic appeal. It makes sense to appeal to your sense of logic by writing a blog post that captures the same essence from another company: Nokian.

During the winter months, many people seek additional safety through putting on studded tires. The added traction rips through the wintry mix of snow and ice, affording us the opportunity to be more sedate on road trips – instead of tenaciously clinging to the steering wheel and white-knuckled. When the snow melts and the sunshine returns, those same studded tires begin grinding the road – chipping asphalt. You can either continue driving the studded tires or change them out for standard rubber.

Not anymore.

Nokian, the first tire maker to produce studded tires, applied its innovative thinking and developed a new tire to celebrate its 80th year in business: a retractable studded tire. These are the types of tires characters like Ethan Hunt and Jason Bourne would crave. What’s even more impressive is that the stud can be retracted and extended with the simple push of a button. While Nokian hasn’t released all of the details with how it works, we are certain that if they can manufacture these tires and sell them at a decent price, they’ll have a goldmine.

Would you purchase these tires if they were released on the market?

Here’s a video to enjoy of the Nokian retractable studded tires

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