Meet the Future of Volkswagen: The Atlas

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2017 VW Atlas SUV Cary NCBefore this year, Volkswagen was more synonymous with economical yet attractive sedans and coupes. Only the Tiguan and Touareg dared to enter the highly competitive SUV market, and these smaller SUVs didn’t necessarily handle all the needs of larger families. Thankfully, Volkswagen got the message. In 2016, the German automaker unveiled the Atlas, which is a behemoth that’s ready to tackle the workload. Plus, the future of Volkswagen SUVs hinges on whether the Atlas can combat proven winners in the industry. With tons of features and spectacular style, it looks poised to do just that.

Under the Hood

As the largest vehicle in the Volkswagen lineup, it’s only natural that it would receive the most powerful engine, yet Volkswagen gives buyers two options to suit their needs. The standard engine is a performance-based 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder. Despite its smaller engine displacement, it still churns out 238 horsepower. For drivers that want a bit more oomph, the Atlas will also have an available 3.6-liter V6 that’s capable of 280 horsepower. This second engine option aligns itself against many of the other SUVs in the segment, and will probably become the more popular choice.

Made in the U.S.A.

Thanks to a $900 million expansion to their Chattanooga plant, Volkswagen plans on building and assembling each Atlas in the United States. Not only will this keep jobs in the country, but it will also appeal to buyers who value buying American. The investment in their American operations allows the company to seamlessly produce many of their other cars in the same plant, leading to an even more widespread confidence in Volkswagen.

All About That Space

Prior to the introduction of the Atlas, the Touareg was the most spacious choice for Volkswagen enthusiasts, providing room for five and 64 cubic feet of space. With the Atlas, drivers get 50 percent more space, totalling nearly 97 cubic feet for cargo. In addition, the third-row seat provides seating for two more adults – seven people in total. Whether you have to drive your family around or you use your vehicle for work, the Atlas offers more than enough space to get the job done.

Active Safety Features

Many vehicles in the Volkswagen lineup now have active safety features to prevent accidents before they happen, and the Atlas is no different. Standard safety amenities on this SUV include forward collision alert and lane departure warning with steering assist. The inclusion of these safety features should push the Atlas into the upper echelon of safe vehicles.

Excellent Interior Appointments

Although Volkswagen has yet to make a press release regarding all the interior amenities of the Atlas, there are still some details that have slipped through the cracks. The Atlas will undoubtedly sport Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which give users the ability to sync their phone to the vehicle’s head unit. This gives you the ability to access texting, email, and apps at the touch of a button.

Even with the excitement surrounding the Volkswagen Atlas, remember that it isn’t available until next year as a 2018 model. However, it’s often said that good things come to those who wait.

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