Where to Make Your Next Big Catch in Cary

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Man on a fishing boat while fishing.Fishing is always a big part of summer and fall. The major fishing competitions are on and the weather is perfect for you to get out and fish. Whether you’re on a boat or on a pier, you can catch some of the biggest fish this time of year. The key is finding the right location to fish. If you are ready to get out on the water and start making bigger catches, here is where to make your next big catch in Cary, NC.


William B. Umstead State Park

One of the best places for you to start at is William B. Umstead State Park. State parks are great places for you to fish, since they are well taken care of. This gives fish the ability to reproduce in larger numbers and in healthier conditions, as many of the hazards to local wildlife have been removed from the area. You are more likely to catch larger, healthier fish in Umstead State Park than other local areas. The park has several areas designated specifically for fishing. However, there are many areas where you can fish without difficulties. There is also a wide range of species that you can catch, some ranging bigger than others. It is a great experience for fishing.

Bynum Beach Road – Haw River Access Area

Off of Bynum Beach Road, there is an access area to the Haw River, which is good for fishing and other outdoor events. Rivers offer some of the best fishing possibilities since they are confined spaces with slower moving waters. Fish tend to breed in rivers, making it more likely for you to catch them. You also have easier access to waters further away from the shore while staying safe, since there are flat, large stones to stand on in the river. Conditions in various areas along the river make it possible to catch different fish that live in those areas. Haw River is also a beautiful place to go fishing. The only caveat is that you may need to hike to where you want to fish, since road access may be limited to small vehicles.


Lake Michie Recreation Area

Another great place to fish is the Lake Michie Recreation Area. It is perfect for boat fishing, with its large size and calm waters in most weather conditions. This time of year, the weather is good for fishing, as the sun is always shining and the lake helps keep the area cooler. You’ll likely be able to catch larger fish out on the lake since there is more space for fish to live. The scenery makes for a fun day fishing on the lake in beautiful and relaxing surroundings.


Fishing can be a lot of fun, especially when you are going for the biggest catch. Regardless of where you go fishing around Cary, NC. make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment and training. There are plenty of big fish out there to catch, so take your family out to go fishing this summer.

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