Leith VW Cary Goes Facebook Live Into Their Service Department and Shop

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If you use Facebook, you might have heard about something called Facebook Live. This is when a person or business uses their smartphone to broadcast live with their camera to show people whatever they’re seeing.

In this case, the person is Rusty Carter and the business is Leith Volkswagen of Cary. Rusty, the service manager at this dealership, recently thought that people might appreciate a walking tour of the service department, including several of the folks who work there.

While you can watch the video for yourself above, we thought we’d provide a rough outline in case you want to fast-forward to the parts that interest you most. Without further ado:

0:00 Rusty introduces himself and gives some background about the dealership.

1:20 Freddy shows us how Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connect your smartphone seamlessly into a new VW.

5:20 Rusty shows us how to drop off a vehicle outside if you arrive after hours, including the drop box to authorize service (make sure to sign the bottom of the form!).

6:30 Now in the service department’s entrance, we meet service advisors Thomas, Noah, and Lenee, who have some great tips about warranty programs, free tire rotations, and free roadside assistance for your first three years.

10:50 Aaron gives us our overview of the parts department with the gear and accessories that can be found there. For instance, did you know that special order items arrive in only 1-2 days? That’s as fast as Amazon Prime!

14:20 To close us out, Josh takes us inside the shop to give some quick pointers about checking your tire pressure, washer fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, and jack points.

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