6 Benefits of Purchasing Volkswagen Care

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Your new Volkswagen is a big investment–one of the biggest you will make in your lifetime. So make sure you protect this investment with a Volkswagen Care Program offering scheduled maintenance that ensures your Volkswagen is always performing the best it can. You’ll enjoy these added benefits.

1. Peace of Mind

Never worry about whether your Volkswagen is due for maintenance. With the Volkswagen Care Program, your maintenance is scheduled for you and pre-planned, so you never miss routine maintenance. It’s really easy to forget to make appointments with so many things going on in life. The Volkswagen Care Program just makes things that much simpler for you, so you can focus on what’s important in life.

2. Improved Resale Value

It’s a fact. Used cars with routine maintenance can hold their value longer and often sell for more money because they perform better. Cars with issues due to a lack of routine maintenance sell for less. With your Volkswagen Care Program, you can properly maintain your car adding to resale value when its time to sell. It’s almost like putting money in the bank! With the Care Program, you know exactly when your maintenance is, and you can also detect potential problems sooner, so they are less likely to turn into bigger, more expensive issues.

3. Cost Savings on Repairs

The Volkswagen Care Program monthly costs are as low as $10 per month. So, you know what you are spending each month for car maintenance. There’s no big surprises or challenging juggling of bills when it is time for a service call. Plus, those rates are locked against inflation. That means your payment schedule is predictable so you can budget your money.

4. Roll the Costs into a New Car Loan

Volkswagen Care Program costs can also roll into your loan for your next vehicle. That way the money you spend on the program starts working for you. It’s like investing in a new car every month. This allows you to make more use of the costs of the program and get more car when it is time to buy again.

5. Roadside Assistance

If you ever get into trouble on the side of the road, Volkswagen has you covered. New 2016 Volkswagens offer roadside assistance including towing, battery charging, tire services and fuel delivery all at no charge. That gives you even more peace of mind. Now, you know you are covered when typical mechanical issues like a dead battery, or even an empty fuel tank arise. Plus, your money goes even further, saving potentially hundreds of dollars on towing or tire repair costs.

6. Certified Volkswagen Technician Expertise

With the Volkswagen Care Program, you know your car is receiving the best possible care. Professionally trained and certified Volkswagen technicians perform your maintenance, so your car is performing at its peak. These techs use genuine Volkswagen parts, not cheap knock-offs, so you can feel more confident about your repairs. Your Volkswagen will up to the standards it should!

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