5 Reasons the Volkswagen E-Golf is the World’s Best Electric Car

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2016 volkswagen e-golfElectric cars are quickly taking the automotive world by storm. However, the Volkswagen E-Golf stands out among the pack thanks to its exceptional range and its body that’s molded after its gasoline-powered sibling. If you’re searching for a way to save money at the pump while still enjoying the perks of a top-notch vehicle, there’s no better choice than the E-Golf. Here are just a few more reasons this electric vehicle is the world’s best.

1. Unbeatable Range

One of the biggest problems critics cite with electric cars is a lack of effective range. However, the 2017 E-Golf increases its range this year by 50 percent, going from 83 miles to 124 miles on a single charge. This easily outpaces many of the competitors, plus it gives you the peace of mind of a reliable vehicle, even if you forget to charge it overnight.

Speaking of charging times, the E-Golf takes 20 hours to charge with a standard 110-volt household outlet, 3.7 hours with an available 220-volt charger, and 30 minutes at most charging stations that use a 440-volt power source.

2. An Upgraded Electric Motor

Thanks to an upgraded electric motor, the E-Golf has more power than ever before. When coupled with a larger 35.8-kWh, lithium-ion battery, the E-Golf gets a respectable 134 horsepower and up to 214 pound-feet of torque. This builds upon last year’s model by adding an additional 19 horsepower and 15 pound-feet of torque. This allows the E-Golf to go from zero to 60 in just 9.4 seconds with a top speed of 93 mph. This may not seem like a ton of power, but when compared to other electric vehicles, it’s on the high side.

3. An Attractive Exterior

Electric cars and hybrid vehicles have a notorious reputation for looking the part. Sleek curves and attractive design are seldom part of the equation, yet the E-Golf looks to avoid this problem. Modeled after the regular Golf hatchback, the only way you can tell it’s an electric car is the badging on the liftgate. It also adds a new front fascia and fresh headlamps to complete its alluring aesthetics.

4. Excellent Safety Features

Another aspect that’s sure to delight the safety-conscious driver is the E-Golf’s bevy of active safety features. This year, the electric vehicle sports an updated forward collision warning with emergency autonomous braking, responding not only to other vehicles but pedestrians and obstacles as well. The SEL Premium trim also includes adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and automatic high beams.

5. Exciting Interior Appointments

With a new 9.2-inch touch-screen display, drivers can easily control navigation, radio, and other apps through an easy-to-use interface. The E-Golf gets gesture control to boot, which allows the driver to control the infotainment system by waving his hands in front of the head unit. If you need some extra space, the E-Golf doesn’t let you down. It comfortably seats up to five passengers and provides 52 cubic feet of cargo space.

At its heart, the E-Golf is a solid workhorse that provides a slick driving experience while reducing your carbon footprint. If you want to step into the 21st century, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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