4 Things to Know About The Pink Beetle

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#PinkBeetle | Leith Volkswagen of CaryThe Volkswagen Beetle has quite the enamored following, but now those followers have something more to be excited about. Volkswagen has released a limited edition Pink Beetle in a striking metallic fuchsia. If you love VW Beetle, you’ll have to check out the VW #PinkBeetle.

Hashtag Pink

This hashtag is not just for Twitter. VW’s car name is literally #PinkBeetle. The name really does say it all. It seems like every ounce of marketing for the vehicle incorporates some type of pink. The idea for the #PinkBeetle started when VW noticed drivers personalizing their Beetles by customizing them to be pink. In 2015, VW developed a pink Beetle concept car that was popular at the auto show, and they realized that there would be a real market for this vehicle. 

The Color for All Markets

In Asia, the market edged toward a bubblegum pink similar to the Hello Kitty color that is wildly popular in parts of Asia. In the United States, the market leaned toward a brighter, more radiant shade of pink. VW wanted to keep the #PinkBeetle uniform in every market, without ostracizing anyone. To please the masses, VW opted for the metallic fuchsia. The color changes in different lights and looks anywhere from pink to red to raspberry.

Pink Pink Everywhere

It’s not just the metallic fuchsia on the outside that is pink. VW has incorporated pink into the interior of the cabin as well. Fortunately, they didn’t do the entire inside of the cabin in pink but instead added pink accents within the black interior. The interior features a black plaid with pink stitching that highlight the pink without overwhelming the car. If you love the pink, make sure you buy this car fast; this limited edition vehicle won’t be available for long. Unless VW opts to keep the limited edition, you will have to go back to having your car custom painted.

Plenty of Features

The pink is just a bonus for beetle lovers. This car is filled with tons of features any car driver would love. Under the hood is a 170 horsepower engine with several different transmission options. It gets an estimated 24 mpg city and 33 mpg highway. The safety features include electronic stability control, engine braking assist, driver and passenger front airbag, crash optimized front end, and an intelligent crash response system.

If you like a car loaded with fun gadgets and accessories, the #PinkBeetle comes equipped with those too. The car features a keyless entry with a push-button start, power windows with pinch protection, a trip computer with miles to empty display, heated seats, the Volkswagen Car-Net App-Connect, a touchscreen sound system with voice control, and SiriusXM satellite radio with a free three-month trial subscription.

If you definitely want to make a statement, then you’ve met your match with the #PinkBeetle. Although the car is definitely something to look at, Volkswagen didn’t skimp on the extra features. It drives as well or better than comparable coupes. It has the safety features and the amenities to make it well worth it.

4 Things to Know About The Pink Beetle was last modified: April 27th, 2017 by Leith Volkswagen Cary
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