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2014 Volkswagen Beetle Is Bad (in Such a Good Way)

If any vehicle could stake a credible claim as being “iconic,” it’s the Volkswagen Beetle. Though its form has undergone alterations – albeit minor – the one hallmark that spans every generation of the Beetle is its circular head light. Its diminutive frame, which subsequently creates an intimate cabin, appeals across generations. For decades the […]

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Volkswagen e-Golf Preparing for Launch!

Al Gore produced An Inconvenient Truth in 2006. Well, it just so happens that the Volkswagen Automotive Group has always made a concerted effort to make its manufacturing and emissions standards a very convenient truth. With growing consternation about the environment, as well as more stringent laws regarding emissions, the automotive industry controls great influence for change. […]

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Time for a Turbocharger?

Though not all consumers want greater power under the hood, gearheads exist for every brand. Their appetite for an extra boost compel automakers to offer turbochargers and other features that crank up the horsepower or torque. After-market companies also manufacture parts and accessories to supplement stock power and acceleration. One of the most popular methods […]

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