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The 2014 Volkswagen GTI Has “APEAL”

Advertising can often convince us to purchase items, or brands, that didn’t initially appeal to us. That’s the purpose of it, though, isn’t it? Create appeal. Through various mediums that present fresh, creative ideas – hopefully – companies generate interest and grow profits. Dissatisfaction is a very real and unfortunate possibility. The exhilaration of the […]

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VW Round-up: Volkswagen around the World

The Volkswagen Group is a massive corporation responsible for manufacturing nearly a dozen automotive brands, as well as motorcycles and other business ventures. Its operations span multiple continents, and the company has plans for expansion to accommodate current sales and projected growth. That makes our job extremely difficult in covering every news story, so we […]

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2014 Raleigh’s The Works Schedule

We thought it prudent to take a break from posting news about the automotive industry for a review of Raleigh’s Independence Day revelry. 2014 marks the second year for The Works, the city’s full day of events to celebrate the Fourth of July – and supplanted the Raleigh Wide Open event that ended in 2010. […]

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