Archive | June, 2014

New Premium Package Upgrade for the Beetle

If there’s one thing that consumers love, it’s an upgrade. People get additional things — features, options, applications – by upgrading. Cable packages, televisions, phones and cars are just a few examples of what Americans love to modernize. The comforts that higher trims provide in cars and the greater clarity of HDTVs all add something […]

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Volkswagen’s Startling Texting While Driving Ad

The progression of smart phone technology has afforded us the ability to conduct nearly all of our personal and professional lives in one simple device; however, the simplicity to open applications and near ubiquitous access to cellular networks does come at a cost. Aside from a societal concern that we have supplanted interpersonal communication with […]

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Think Your Commute to Work in Raleigh Is Bad?

The Triangle is a growing metropolitan area as scores of young professionals move here from all across the nation. Technology and marketing companies, like Citrix and Redhat, are changing the composition of the local industries. Raleigh, and the surrounding areas, as a result, have been placed on Forbes’ list of the fastest growing cities for […]

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The Volkswagen Jetta Relishes More Accolades

The Volkswagen Jetta is, without a doubt, the best-selling model of the German automaker. This fact is especially impressive considering the vast competition in its class.  Its practicality and efficiency draw the eco-minded, and the satisfaction derived from its performance and handling interests the spirited driver. To underscore the value and range of the Jetta, […]

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