Where Do the Foodies Go to Eat in Raleigh?

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Cheese board with 3 cheeses, green grapes, and crackers.The new age of foodies has arrived, and foodies are everywhere. That is great for you since foodies always know the best places to eat. In Raleigh, you can follow the foodie crowd to find the best food in town. It can come from a range of different places like food trucks and restaurants. In some cases, you will find that foodies can tell you which places to go that you have never heard of. If you are asking where do foodies go to eat in Raleigh, here is a look at several great food places.


The Player’s Retreat

If you have been in the Raleigh areas for a long time, you may be familiar with The Player’s Retreat. It is located on Oberlin Road and has won several awards for its offerings. In fact, The Player’s Retreat won the Wine Spectator Award five years in a row (2010-2015). As Raleigh grows in popularity for its various food offerings, The Player’s Retreat continues to be recognized as one of the best. It is open 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. every day of the week and offers a combination of bar and restaurant offerings. The staff at The Player’s Retreat continue to provide exceptional customer service as well as top-quality food offerings despite the passing of the original founders several years ago. Since then, The Player’s Retreat continues to receive great reviews and awards.

The Fiction Kitchen

The Fiction Kitchen is another highly regarded place in Raleigh that foodies frequent. The Fiction Kitchen is renowned for its local sourcing of high-quality ingredients which help it maintain a high level of food quality. Its offerings are a combination of traditional favorites presented in new ways. Most of the offerings are designed to be exceptionally delicious while being healthier than most food options. As a result, you can get healthier food options while getting the best tasting foods. If you have food restrictions like being vegan or vegetarian, the Fiction Kitchen is one of the best places to go. The same is true if you are just curious about great new food options.


Vic’s Italian Restaurant

On Blake Street, you can find foodies that like to visit Vic’s Italian Restaurant. It is an Italian cafĂ© located in the City Market area. Vic’s serves a variety of Italian food options including New York-style pizza and various pasta. However, the portions are appropriately sized to balance the volumes for your enjoyment and healthy eating. The owner of Vic’s, Mario Longo, has a long history of providing Italian ingredients and foods to the community through several organizations. Vic’s focuses on providing authentic Italian foods as well so that you can get a taste of Italy without the long trip or expenses.


The number of foodies is increasing and there are plenty of great places for you to get a great meal. Raleigh is becoming a national great food hotspot. If you are looking for new places to eat, ask around the area. There are plenty of foodies that are ready and willing to provide you with good suggestions.

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